A Note from Fr. O’Neill about Daily Mass

One often overlooked treasure of the Catholic way of life is
daily Mass. It is elegant in its simplicity.
Sunday Mass can be a rather demanding experience. The
church parking lot is usually full. The church is often crowded,
the coveted back and end pews are filled early! A willingness to
participate by singing and responding is assumed. Announcements
about practical concerns (like the parish response to the Annual
Catholic Appeal!) may diminish the spiritual focus. The Sunday
parish liturgy is the worship of the community which demands
active involvement.
In contrast, the daily Mass environment is less crowded and
more relaxed. There is ample time and space for personal prayer
and contemplation. One can participate more passively without
being self-conscious. There may be no cantor or ushers, but the
essence of the Mass is unchanged: Jesus is truly physically present
with us! It provides a non-threatening environment for aspiring
servers, anxious lectors and neophyte Eucharistic Ministers!
The small yet dedicated group of daily Mass attendees provides
the most prayerful, active and dedicated members of the parish
Everyone has a ritual by which they begin their day. A beautiful,
fitting and most worthwhile way to start the day is with daily
Mass attendance and reception of the Eucharist. It provides a quiet,
simple prayerful atmosphere for us to reflect upon our lives and
our relationships with Christ and others. It provides strength and
focus as the Lord becomes an important part of our day. It reminds
us that every day provides us an opportunity to worship.
“This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!”