St. Peter School weekly Mass moves to new day!

As many of you are aware, Father O’Neill began a new chemotherapy treatment program this month for his multiple myeloma.  Our prayer and support are of course with him.  His treatment schedule includes weekly trips to Pittsburgh on Fridays.  One of Father’s greatest joys (and “a dose of good medicine”) is saying Mass with our school students so when he asked if we would consider moving our weekly masses to Thursday we of course gave him a resounding “YES!”

Beginning next week, (September 7th) and for the months to come, our weekly Mass will be on Thursdays at 11:15AM.  There will be no Mass on Fridays at 11:15AM.  Students will wear FULL UNIFORMS on THURSDAYS and can wear regular uniforms on Fridays.

We ask that any recess-duty parents note that recess will now begin at 11:55 am on Thursdays and 11:35 am on Fridays. We have discussed this with students and it will also be noted in the Sunday church bulletins.  Any questions, please call the school.

May God bless Father O’Neill!