ARISE Together In Christ!

The ARISE Together in Christ process will be implemented at our parish in the early fall of 2018. It has begun with a period of formation for the ARISE Parish Team, a group of 8-10 parishioners who will lead the parish through this process of spiritual renewal. Once begun, it will be an opportunity for parishioners to participate in small faith-sharing communities that meet in homes and other locations throughout the parish. The next three years we will reflect on basic Gospel themes: This unfolds over five periods of time called seasons each of which lasts six weeks.

Season 1 Fall  2018 Encountering Christ Today

Season 2 Lent 2019 Change Our Hearts

Season 3 Fall  2019 In the Footsteps of Christ

Season 4 Lent 2020 New Heart, New Spirit

Season 5 Fall  2020 We Are the Good News!

“Send us your Spirit, oh Lord”