ARISE Together in Christ!

How will parishioners sign up to join a faith sharing group?


St. Peter’s small faith groups will begin to form on Sign-Up Sunday which will take place the weekend of September 8 and 9 after all masses. Sign-ups to join, or form a small faith group, will continue throughout the month of September. Parishioners will be given two options for joining a faith sharing group.


Option 1:  Parishioners are invited to form a faith sharing group on their own (Friends, family, neighbors), designating a group leader/co-leader, or representative. On sign-up Sunday the group leader/representative will register the group participants providing a list of names and contact information for each person in the group, (phone number, email address, and address), also providing the day, time, and location that the group intends to meet.


Option 2:  Parishioners who choose not to form a group on their own can register to be placed in a group, opting for a day and time that is suitable for them to meet. A variety of days and times will be made available. These groups will be formed via a computer generated program according to the days and times each person has chosen, and a group leader will be assigned to the group.


Meeting places for small faith sharing groups


St. Peter’s Small faith groups can meet in parishioners homes or space will also be made available at the parish to meet. Please feel free to be creative though: consider meeting at Starbucks, Kings, Italian oven, etc., etc. on your patio, deck, or around a campfire. Perhaps meet while your children are attending CCD or when they are at sports practice. The important thing is to meet…. To pray, read scripture, share faith stories, have fun together sharing our Catholic faith and growing together in community. It will be up to the groups along with their leaders to decide where they would like to meet.


Small group leaders


The Arise team is in need of small group leaders/co-leaders and we ask everyone to please prayerfully consider volunteering for this ministry to aid in the spiritual renewal of our parish and diocese. Being a group leader is not complicated or difficult, short training sessions will be planned for mid-September. For anyone who would like to volunteer as a leader or would like more information on being a leader please contact:   

Ron Delano at 814-442-4801

Or email at