Vestibule Expansion Progress!

Work is progressing well on the Vestibule Expansion project. It’s now possible to visualize the scope and design of the project from the completed construction.  The construction schedule projects December 14 as completion date.  

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Forty Hours Devotions

Forty Hours Devotions will be held on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, November 22,23,24 at 7PM each evening. On Tuesday evening there will be a children’s procession with Mass.  Visiting priests will hear confessions after devotions on Sunday and Monday evenings. Please plan to join St. Peter’s Parish family and set aside some time these three days for our Forty Hours devotions.

Thanksgiving Liturgy

Thursday, November 26, is Thanksgiving Day.  As a nation, as a community, as a parish, as families we have much for which to be grateful.  It is a secular celebration with religious overtones as we praise a generous God.  Mass attendance is fitting component of our Thanksgiving celebration. A vigil Mass will be on Wednesday, November 25, at 4:15PM.  Mass will be at 9AM on Thanksgiving Day.


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Vestibule Expansion Project progressing.  

Our Vestibule Expansion project is progressing on schedule with a projected December 1st  completion date .  It will definitely enhance our church structure.  Please prayerfully consider contributing to the Vestibule Expansion Fund Drive if you have not already done so.  Do your share to bring the expansion to completion.