Lenten Journey

The Lenten season means additional worship and educational options.  Besides our regular Mass schedule, St. Peter’s will have an evening Lenten Liturgy on Wednesdays at 7PM during Lent.  Stations of the Cross and benediction will take place on Sunday evenings at 7PM. Stations of the Cross will also take place on Mondays at Noon with the St. Peter’s School students. Parishioners are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities as an important part of their Lenten spiritual regimen.



St. Peter School Announces 2015-2016 Registration.

Our St. Peter School has openings in all grades for the 2015-2016 school year for children entering grades K-6 of any faith from any school. Academic excellence rooted in strong moral values and a solid spiritual foundation. Since 1961, St. Peter School has been assisting students to encounter Christ through the pursuit of academic excellence, social consciousness, emotional growth, religious formation, and physical development- all within a caring community.  Our students are challenged to grow in mind and spirit with an awareness of their role in the world to serve others in prayer and action.  Recognizing the unique gifts that God […]

St. Peter’s Lenten Fish Dinners

Our next Lenten Fish Dinner will be held on Friday, March 27th, from 4PM to 6:30PM in the Parish Hall on 433 West Church Street in Somerset. Each patron has a choice of baked cod, breaded fried cod or shrimp. Side dishes include homemade macaroni and cheese, stewed tomatoes, coleslaw, dessert and beverage.  Tickets at the door are $9 for adults and $5 for child.   Takeouts are available.  Come and enjoy a delicious dinner!



Pre-Cana Day of Reflection 2015

Pre-Cana Day of Reflection is designed to help the engaged couple reflect on and discuss significant issues involved in married life, such as the families in which they were raised, finances, children, sexuality, moral decision making, values, communication styles and skills and spirituality.  Besides giving the couple time to talk about these topics, the Pre-Cana Days of Reflection also provide information in these areas from Catholic Church teaching as well as the social sciences and the financial world.  Presenters are married couples who give witness to how to succeed through good times and bad with God’s help.  They give practical […]